Joseph Ashford, founder and Non-Executive Chairman of K4, is a highly successful and dedicated entrepreneur

Joseph has a proven, exceptional talent for identifying, recruiting, nurturing and retaining highly qualified teams to help drive forward his vision of creating an exciting investor experience.

Through his disruptive strategic planning and bespoke financial solutions, Joseph has been able to identify unique investment opportunities, drive continued growth, improve margin and reduce risk of numerous global businesses across the Service, Property, Technology and Media sectors to name a few.

Joseph is a passionate family man, whose desire to help those around him to realise their investment ambitions, or through his charity work to help those less fortunate, stands him apart from the rest.

At K4 Global, industry segment experts are at the forefront of technological thinking in order to create innovative and effective ways to increase profits and reduce costs. Joseph Ashford’s team have cultivated long term professional relationships, which have led to establishing and maintaining integral partnerships, ultimately leading to successful investment opportunities.

“K4 Global has empowered and instilled motivation in a range of businesses that have maximised output and gained results. Our forward-thinking solutions are creative and modern.” – Joseph Ashford.


Joseph Ashford is forward thinking and innovative in his approach to taking businesses from good to great.


The dedicated and focused professionalism that our team possesses has boosted the growth of numerous companies.

Our portfolio is already brimming full, but it is continuously expanding. We have lent our expertise to not only the entities in our current portfolio but also a number of other top tier firms unnamed.

We continually make strides forward and try to lead the way in various markets by utilising our expert knowledge in the industry. Our vision is to work with powerful businesses to generate maximum value and profits.

Our hands-on and steadfast approach means that we take responsibility for every project from start to finish.

For a business to maintain success, it is imperative to have a dedicated point of contact that will provide regular input and checkpoints against its objectives. We believe in clear communication with no complicated jargon. All information is clearly relayed and easily interpretable when working with our team.


The source of our success comes from our values.

We believe that our core beliefs define us as a company and dictate each process that we undertake, whether internally or on behalf of our partners. Openness is the key value that defines K4 Global.

This means that we are always honest and respectful to everyone around us. All employees share these values as we only hire passionate people who naturally understand our belief system. Transparency is key, which is why we will not cut corners on our way to success.


Regardless of industry, all of our partners have received unique treatment and a bespoke service that caters to their needs. There are no two projects that are ever the same, so each new one needs to be individually assessed and designed to accelerate growth.

We always challenge ourselves to develop fresh ideas at K4 Global. Not only do we produce results, but we are here to teach and constantly evolve with the times. This is why we are able to come up with solutions that no one else has thought of before, time and time again.

“Our team members bring a variety of diverse viewpoints, experience levels and skillsets to the table, which complements our mission. Collaboration is key. We strongly believe in taking a positive team-oriented approach as we can achieve more when we work closely together.” – Joseph Asford.

Our professional advice and insights are second to none, and this contributes to our ongoing success in a variety of industries.